Setting up your email software

First Install the Certificate! Click here for instructions!

Click here for Detailed Instructions for Outlook Express; Outlook 2005, and Outlook 2007

This is the basic information you will need to setup your software for checking and sending mail on an account hosted with CompanyV.
Your Real Name, Username, Password, Mail Server

Find the preferences for setting up your account:

You will need to enter your REAL NAME - that would be your first and last name

You will also need to enter your username you should have been provided your username and password when your account was established.

Usernames do not have spaces in them and should be entered in lowercase.

We recommend that all accounts for a single company adopt a naming convention that is consistent either first name plus first initial of last name or first initial of first name plus last name.

Remember you can always log into webmail at this is a great way to test a username and password. If it does not work there - it will not work in your email application. If that address is not available you should call us.

Checking and sending mail:

Your settings for checking mail (Incoming Server) should be ""

Your settings for sending mail (Outgoing Server) will be another server CompanyV has established an account on for sending mail from your domain if you are unsure please contact your company IT contact or Companyv for information on your account.

Most email programs come with a comprehensive online tutorial. In Eudora, for example, the Help menu offers help on how to create messages, use attachments, transfer messages, and a host of other features. The Eudora website has great help: [Get help with Eudora] The Microsoft Site has help files for their software as well: [Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Solution Center]     Outlook 2007 Solution Center      [Outlook Express]      [ Entourage]

Common problems:

Make sure your OS (Operating System) and Email software is all up to date.

If you are getting warnings from your Virus or Firewall programs please refer to the help for those products.

We are aware that some email software has problems remembering new account information - try closing the application and restarting your machine - or at least the application and checking to see if it remembered what you just told it.


Different email software has different ways of setting up authentication. Our mail server requires authentication. There are different places within email programs to set this up - make sure that you have checked the box that implies Authentication Required for outgoing mail. You authenticate for incoming mail when you enter your username and password. This does not guarantee you will be able to send mail. Please refer to the links on this page for Installing the Certificate and the instructions for setting up your account.


Passwords are case sensitive!

We insist on passwords that are not dictionary terms and that are a mix of alpha numeric characters for your security and for the security of all of our customers.

Passwords are important and you should not check that box that says remember my password. We recommend that you learn your password.

We do not allow mass mailings by our customers!

We will disable accounts that appear to be spewing spam. If we do that we will call you.

Why would we do that?
There actually are multiple reasons - a machine could be infected and spewing virus mail - or - a customer could have a machine that is not properly secured and it could be being used as a relay. To protect you we would bring your mail to a dead stop. If you are attempting to send mass emails we will also stop you. This is an email account - for sending and receiving email - not a system for sending mass emails.

We will not send you an email saying your account has been disabled - ever... (please read about this virus)
DO NOT EVER send mass emails from your desktop machine!

We do this because as a service provider we could be black listed if we host a domain that gets listed as a sending spam and all of our customers would suffer. Your service provider (ISP) could be blacklisted or close your account also. Your domain name could be blacklisted.

We are strict because we take your business seriously.

We take internet protocol seriously - that is our business.

We do offer services and consulting for sending mass mail and would gladly facilitate your communication needs.

Technical support for client software running on customer machines is available at our incident rate: $85 and $85 per hour thereafter. Client software includes email programs, web browsers, FTP clients, etc. Our recommended software for email is Eudora.

Some basic information:

What is email?

Email stands for electronic mail. When someone sends a message electronically to another person through the Internet, it is stored in an electronic mailbox where the recipient fetches them. To see if you have any email, you can check your electronic mailbox periodically, although many programs can be configured to alert you automatically when mail is received. After reading your email, you can store it as a text file or delete it, reply to it or forward it to others, print it or create a new message. You an also attach other files to your text email message: examples of attachments include Word or Excel documents, video or voice files, and graphics or photos.

What is a POP server?

POP (Post Office Protocol)is a way of retrieving email from an email server (called a POP server) where your emails are stored before you pick them up. It's like an electronic mailbox or street address so that your computer knows where to get your email from. This is why POP servers are often called your incoming mail server.

POP servers are used for email programs like Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, and Netscape Messenger, which are called POP email programs. We recommend Eudora. To set up your program to check email, you will set it to

What is a SMTP server?
As your POP server is your incoming mail server, your SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server is your outgoing mail server This means that when you check your email, your computer contacts a POP server for retrieving your email and contacts another server called a SMTP server that is dedicated to distributing your email.

What is a Certificate?
Click here for information!

If you plan on sending email to your customers you should read this notice from the FTC:

The CAN-SPAM Act: Requirements for Commercial Emailers

And our page:How to send targeted email legally - communicate with customers without breaking laws.

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If CompanyV servers are delivering a failure message to incoming mail you can send an email to someone who is unable to email you - ask them to copy the entire delivery failure message and fill out the on this page: That link should also be in the delivery failure message they received.
CompanyV email account set-up instructions.

These instruction only apply to CompanyV Email customers. You would have received username, passwords plus incoming and outgoing mail server information from us by phone, fax, text or through another email account.

More information not required for set-up:

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