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To login to webmail you can type

You will need to Install the CERT or allow an exception if you are on a machine other than your own.

Enter the username and password we provided into the username and password fields in the box labeled ”Webmail Login”.

This is the same username and password that you use to check your email in Eudora/Outlook/Entourage.

You can set up your Spam Filters by clicking on the DeSpaminator Link! You will need your username and password again for DeSpaminator.

On this page:
-Auto Archiving of Email
-How to read your mail online
-All about your SPAM FOLDER
-All about ***SPAM*** in your inbox

Auto Archiving of mail on server

Mail is auto archived in 3 stages to both maximize resources on the server as well as for the end use. Auto-Archiving allows you to leave a copy of mail on the server without your INBOX becoming slow as your INBOX builds up.

How Auto archiving Works
By default:
1) Email in your INBOX will auto archive to an automatically created folder called Recent mail when the size of your INBOX exceeds 200mb or the mail in your INBOX is more than 30 days old.
2) Mail in recent mail will be further archived to a folder called Older Mail when it has exceeded 300mb or is more than 60 days old.
3) When Older Mail exceeds 500 MB or is older than 90 days, it is archived to a folder with named "the date" the archive was performed.

Changes to the Default settings including Data destruction dates are available upon request.

To read your email online:
Go to: (replace yourdomain with your actual domain name!

Install the CERT

You will need to provide your username and password.

If this is your first time using webmail you will want to edit your profile.

You will see the window for your default email address. Click on any message link to read the message, and use the toolbar to reply to the email, or perform any other function.

All about your SPAM FOLDER

When you log into webmail you can access your SPAM folder if one has been created.

A SPAM folder is automatically created when you have SPAM TAGGING enabled in DeSpaminator and you receive SPAM with high score - low score SPAM is delivered with and edited subject line ****SPAM**** then the subject.

The scores for Tagging spam are pre configured for you and the defaults are set to fairly general standards. You may edit the scores and you have many additional options for adjusting the configurations to suit even the most unusual needs!

SPAM in this folder is automatically deleted after 30 days - you can control the deletion in preferences.

You can either leave the SPAM there and have it magically go away.
OR you can check the box to the right of every message and then send them to the trash - and then empty the trash.
OR you can review them and then hit the button at the upper right with a red X and POOF - they are gone!


CLICK HERE: Read more about training SPAM and HAM scores!

REMEMBER: All SPAM in your SPAM Folder and all Trash is deleted after it is 30 days old!

All ABOUT ***SPAM***

The complex tests run by DeSpaminator accrue scores for spam. These scores are calculated according to many visible and invisible elements of each email. The "default" settings are configured for you. However, over time you may wish to make adjustments or call us and we will make the adjustments for you.

One very unique aspect to our DeSpaminator System is the control that we give each user to refine the scores and settings for their individual needs.

We have established "pre-trained" filter databases by industry for people working in Technologies, Real Estate Investments, Law and Legal fields and "general purpose".

The tests run and the scores for the tests are visible in the headers of the email.

To avoid false positives there is a range between mail that is not considered spam and mail that is most certainly considered spam that will still be found in your inbox with "***SPAM*** pre-pended to the subject line. It is most important that you "learn ham" and "learn spam" on this mail to further teach the system refinements in analysis.

spam problems - no problem!


A powerful integrated application that recognizes that bandwidth is more costly than processing.

DeSpaminator cleans more than spam - it checks for virus and other file attachments or embedded objects that are either dangerous or wasteful of bandwidth. Read more about our DeSpaminator and WordPress Services: The CompanyV Wordpress Blog & Demo Site


Check your mail on a secure server from any remote location with internet connectivity.

DeSpaminator HELP

Help files are on every page of DeSpaminator explaining what to expect when you enable, disable or change scores. We have also included troubleshooting information, frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

Contact us for a consultation!
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