When "Off-the-shelf" isn't good enough!

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Want a higher class email?

Spam & Virus Filtering
Plus Webmail

We runs test on your mail - removing virus and blocking spammers from ever making it to your inbox!

Whatever your needs - if it involves internet services - give us a call!

Hosted email - websites designed implemented and hosted - we can do that! Or Backups or Secure Shares or Virtual machines - we can do that too!

Our spam solution can be configured to work with Exchange!

CompanyV email account set-up instructions:

The instructions are offered for the convenience of our existing customers.

These instruction only apply to CompanyV Email customers. You would have received username, passwords plus incoming and outgoing mail server information from us by phone, fax, text or through another email account.

More information not required for set-up:

We Get The Nuts Out Of Your IN Box!

Email - Like it's supposed to be

Our Webmail is served secure and our reliability is Excellent!
Does your service provider answer the phone?

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All things internet!
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When "Off-the-Shelf" isn't good enough!

We have a suite of tools that can be customized to serve any business. More than an intranet, more than a website, we offer end-to-end management systems, excellent customer service and user friendly technical support.

  • Hosted Server and work station backups
  • Hosted Secure File Sharing (WebDav)
  • Hosted Virtual Desktops
  • Account Management Tools
  • Team Collaboration Tools (Twikis, Wikis, Trac, Subversion Repositories, WordPress & More)
  • Mailist: Sending, Receiving and Archiving Systems
  • Contact form integration to database & managed mailists
  • Editable Events Calendars
  • Spot Edits: defined space on any page of your website, that any authorized user can edit by filling out a secure online form
  • Content Management and Approval Systems
  • Blogging tools & RSS integration on your website
  • Advanced eMail systems with managed spam and virus filters
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeted online advertising campaigns
  • Detailed traffic analysis


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What our customers say:
a real excerpt from a customer communication...
"I want to thank you again for your efforts today.
That was far and away the most pleasant computer/internet/hardware/software/technical/changeover/whatever experience for me, ever. Painless. Bowing and scraping is happening. Sacrificial altars with fruit and candles and collages of faded photos of Indian guys with big mustaches and garlands and strange and aromatic things are being built as I write. Okay, maybe not the sacrificial bit, but all the rest." - Geo M

Tired of SPAM?
When was the last time you checked your email and all you saw was information from people you wanted to hear from?

Get the NO-SPAM experience - call us at 310.388.8123!

Secure Webmail
spam and virus scanned!

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We can fine tune your site to work with the search engines.

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Need a custom solution of any kind?
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Our goal is to be the one-stop out-sourcing system that our clients can rely upon.


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