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True SEO - Search Engine Optimization for increasing google and other search traffic by improving your ranking will increase hits, get visitors and keep them on your site!

We will not guarantee you will be on the first page of google today and forever - that is silly, unless you have millions of dollars or no competitors! We take a different approach to gain lasting impact on your results. We make sure the people you want to find your site can not only find you - but we will make sure they know they have come to the right place when they do!

Our SEO specialists and marketing & public relations consulting services can help you!

Our Image Development Services:
Define and promote what it is that sets you apart from your competitors.

Marketing The art of expressing what you do to those who are looking for you.

Publicity Keeping your business fresh in the minds and thoughts of your customers and potential customers.

Your business image reflects more than just your service or product - it projects your professionalism to a client and opens the door to trust and building a long-term customer relationship.

And as you keep your business going, day after day, you have probably noticed that you have plenty of information about your customers and need to take a close look, but you never seem to have the time?

Or you have a 'hunch' that there are other people or businesses that could be clients, but you don't know how to reach them?

Our marketing consulting services help you understand your market, find new markets, and build current customer relationships.

Have you ever wondered why some companies look and 'feel' polished and secure? And how do some business owners seem to have a 'knack' for knowing 'where, how and when' to promote their business?

Our public relations consulting services can help you!

Our clients benefit from the many integrated services we provide, such as:

  • business printing
  • design and production
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • presentation material
  • press kits
  • contact databases

Everything is coordinated, and gets your message and contact information to potential clients!

-Logo design

Don't feel your logo has a 'punch'? Not sure if it 'promotes' your business to customers? A logo is one of the first impressions a client has of your company, and the most important place to start in developing your image!

-Publicity campaigns and public relations

Never miss a deadline to promote your business in print, online, in the media, or at an event. Train your staff to find promotional opportunities and get the right material in the right hands!

-Web design and online promotion

We are often asked to review, recommend and 'redo' web sites for new clients. If you don't have a business location online - We 'learn' your business and translate that into a design that works!

-Reach new clients and answer current clients' questions cost effectively online!


  • Synchronize communications
  • Enable personalized information and assure privacy
  • Strengthening an interactive strategy


Customer communications are important to you. We understand that and have years of experience on both sides of the mail server. As a hosting provider of mail services we see everyday the reasons mail does not reach an intended recipient. Our experience in spam filtering keeps us on the inside track of best practice and trends in mail delivery. A most valuable part of our consulting service is to share this knowledge in easy to understand terms and clarify the potential pitfalls for your campaigns. We support a Zero Spam policy and will never assist anyone in sending spam. We can help you get better performance out of your valid campaigns.

We can help you get the most out of your email campaigns:

  • Advising on best practice
  • Interpreting email headers
  • Creation and hosting of landing pages
  • AOL Scomp tracking
  • Establishing best practice is format and content
  • Log analysis
  • Copy Writting & Content Consulting
  • Google Keywords - Ads and Analytics

Also read our help file on Mass Mail Requirements!



  • Consulting Rates & Services:

  • Email Campaign & SEO Consulting:
    $125 per hour
    1 hour minimum.
  • Email Campaign Writing:
    $95 per hour
    1 hour minimum.
  • Email Campaign Production:
    $85 per hour
    1 hour minimum.
  • Email Campaign Logs Interpretation and Reporting:
    $85 per hour
    1 hour minimum
  • Technical & Business Consulting:
    $125 per hour
    1 hour minimum

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