Request to unblock IP address

If you were trying to send to one of our customers and your email bounced that please
fill out the form at the link above to request to have your sending server unblocked.

Please copy and paste the contents of the "bounce" or "Delivery failure" message you received in email. It should look something like:

Unsolicited e-mail from refused by CompanyV. See

The numbers " " in the message above are what we require along with your email address and the address of the person you were sending to.

If you are aware of additional send servers for your email please include those IP addresses as well.

If you cannot reach that page please call 1.310.388-8123 ext 1

Please note: this is not an automated process!

After you submit the form we will contact the person you were trying to reach and they must confirm that they wish to hear from you.

We do apologize for any inconvenience!

We may need to contact you for more information.

Why have you been blocked?

While the blacklists are designed to thwart spammers, sometimes they thwart the legitimate e-mail marketing efforts of legitimate small businesses.

CompanyV subscribes to dozens of lists in order to keep the spam out of our customers INBOX.

In addition to the blacklists, we have a managed SPAM detection system (CompanyV's DeSpaminator) in place that contributes to the filtering system based on our customers direct input.

Make sure that your e-mail server doesn't relay outside e-mails. A favorite trick of spammers is to find unprotected e-mail servers and use them to send out millions of e-mails. The benefit for spammers is such methods are difficult to trace, so they rarely get caught. They use countless numbers of these relays, so it doesn't matter if some are short down.

Check your hardware for malware. Some 60 percent of spam comes from "zombie" computers and servers that have been infected with malware that uses the hijacked computers to send spam.

Make sure your email practices are not offensive to recipients.

It might not be you

If you are using a service provider (like a phone company) for email or purchasing email from a third-party provider it may be that large numbers of IP addresses they control or have recently purchased have a history of being on blacklists.

What can I do?

Just what you did today - contact the entity that rejected your email.

Make sure to check that your outbound mail server has correct forward and reverse DNS and is not an open-relay, and, make sure other technical settings are correct by referencing your mail server software documentation.

Learn what the FTC has to say about spam - if your business sends email to customers be sure to read what you must do to be compliant: [Click here]