Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers

With hardware lifetime shortening at the same time internet connectivity is increasing, a smart alternative is to plan ahead for your next big infrastructure shift to be towards virtualisation.

How does it work?

Users can access their "virtual desktop" from almost any computer connected to the internet.

They tunnel in through a secure gateway to the Virtual Machine (VM) through a web browser and are presented with an authentication request. Once they have provided authentication credentials they "log On" to the virtual machine and the desktop of the Virtual machine becomes "active" for them. They then can run any software that is installed on the virtual machine. They can Toggle back and forth between the physical computer they are on and the Virtual Machine.

The cost savings is in hardware and software licensing because the machine used to access the Virtual machine or VM, does not have to have equal hardware to the the VM. The Hosted virtual machine is on a powerful server with more processing capability than a typical workstation in a typical office. Software only needs to be installed and licensed to the VM and a company only has to license the VM because workers traveling will not require additional licences for software on laptops if they are operating from a VM.

There are additional disaster recovery benefits as well. If a work station dies or a user looses a laptop they do not need to wait for a fully configured identical system to be purchased and configured - they only need a basic machine connected to the internet.

In a hosted VM environment you can either have your IT department maintain updates on the VMs or outsource that to us, or we can customize a plan that meets somewhere in the middle.

The Downside

There are some cost factors to consider in looking at virtual desktops and servers. Internet connectivity to the VM is very important - a bad connection will make you miserable with reduced speed. Another big cost factor is set up and configuration. The VM must be configured and all software licenses must be current and up to date. There are also additional maintenance fees that may apply to the hosted environment and if your need for speed is high - the cost of hosting in a consistently available high bandwidth environment is not cheap.

Long term bottom line

Like any major investment in infrastructure you want to plan well and consider the long and short term investment options, risk, benefits and payoffs. Virtualiazation is not for everyone but it is something everyone should begin understanding and considering as a viable option.

Why CompanyV Hosted Virtual Desktops and Servers are better than "off-the-shelf"!

Hosted on our servers you have the added options of your system being integrated with offsite backups and of course that ever amazing CompanyV Customer and Technical Support! Corp
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