Secure File Shares: Webdav

WebDAV is a protocol used for publishing and managing content to web servers. An extension of the HTTP/1.1 protocol described in RFCs 2518 and 3253. WebDAV differs from traditional FTP services:

  • Ports Firewalls and security
    • WebDAV uses port 80, the same port used by HTTP for web access. So using WebDAV means you don't have to open any extra ports on your firewall.
    • Using FTP requires that you open additional ports on your perimeter firewall, and this can increase the attack surface of your network and make it more susceptible to penetration by attackers. This is obviously undesirable from the perspective of keeping your network secure.
  • File Locking
    • WebDAV lets only one user modify a file at a time, while allowing multiple users to read it. This allows files to be locked while they are being edited, preventing unexpected changes from occurring.
    • FTP has no file locking mechanism! It is possible for two users to upload different versions of the same file simultaneously causing one to be overwritten. This can mean lost time troubleshooting why an uploaded file is different from what you expect.
  • Ease Of Use - Transparent Transfer
    • WebDAV lets you edit files on the server instead of needing to download them first to the client. Editing files remotely using WebDAV is as easy as if they were locally present, and the whole process is transparent to the content producer.
  • The FTP approach means you have to edit your content locally on the client. In other words, to edit a page already on the web server you would have to download it to the client, edit it there, and then upload it again to the web server. This is a time-consuming and inefficient approach to managing content.

Why CompanyV Secure Hosted Webdav is better than "off-the-shelf"!

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